What is a CES™? What can a CES™ do for you?

What is a CES™?

A CES™ is a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist. CES™ is a professional services designation granted by the Institute of Business & Finance.

What can a CES™ do for you?

A Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES™) is an educated, experienced professional committed to the well being of you, your family and your business. The CES™ can provide basic and advanced guidance on a wide range of estate, postmortem and tax planning issues. With the help of a CES™, you can:

Create an Estate Plan

  • Your heirs receive what they should at the right time

  • Advantages and disadvantages of wills and trusts

  • After-death planning and procedures

Protect Yourself

  • Maintain separate property

  • Safeguard assets if there are marital changes

  • Protect children from a previous marriage

Enhance Estate Value

  • The pros and cons of gifting

  • Conservation and growth of assets

  • Provide solutions for retirement income

Help Your Family

  • Ensure a smooth transition between generations

  • The probate process and how to avoid it

  • Estate settlement