In these days of our rapidly changing landscape, be it political, impacting taxation, increased market turmoil, volatility or the complex investment issues we face you can count on Michael to bring clarity and simplicity to the table for you.

Our practice is independent, allowing us to provide objective, unbiased and transparent advice free from the pressure to push proprietary products.

Constant research and continuing education keeps Michael abreast of the latest tools/investment vehicles and techniques to help his clients to have both a rewarding and successful retirement journey.

Michael's deepest passion is service to his clients. To that end he has created a Client Advisory Board whose members are Duprez Financial clients. He regularly seeks their valuable input and feedback on how to continually improve our client's experience. We believe in the importance of regular communication to keep our clients in the know. " At Duprez Financial it's about the relationship".

For more information on how we may help make your retirement the best years of your life pick up the phone and give us a call. Come find out why Duprez Financial is not like the rest.